National Read a Book Day

Today is National Read a Book Day… So I am going to introduce you to a sweet little book I found while browsing the aisles of Target this week. I hope that you all go out and buy it, because I think everyone on the planet should read it, too! This little book is that important.

The book is Words and Your Heart, by Kate Jane Neal. It was in a section of books dedicated to Valentines’ Day, and it caught my eye because the cover is just precious. IMG_1250If you buy this book at Target, it will cost you $16.99. You can get it for a few bucks less than that through Amazon Prime. Today it was listed for $13.47.

It starts with, “This book is about your heart. (The little bit inside of you that makes you, you!)” Then with simple text and illustrations it goes on to explain how powerful our words are. The words we listen to can affect our own hearts, and the words we use can affect the hearts of the world around us. Words have the power to hurt and be harmful, or words have the power to bring joy and healing. It ends with, “Today, somebody’s world can be a better place because of you!”

This message is so relevant to the world we live in today. Too often we let ourselves read things on social media that stir our emotions and make us angry. Or we watch shows on  tv or listen to songs on the radio that harm our souls and our hearts. And how often do we participate in conversations, either digitally, on paper, or in real life, that cause other people strife? Let’s purposefully choose to listen to and read words that add love to our hearts and our souls. Let’s purposefully choose to speak and write words that add love to the world around us, so that we can make the world a better place.

Love, people. Love people.IMG_1251

Here is a link to the author’s website…


And here is a video read aloud, so you can follow along after you buy your own copy 🙂

Author: mrskotwitz

I wonder how many books I have read aloud in my lifetime... I'm going to guess a million :)

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