The Story of Ferdinand is my favorite children’s book, and it is going to be a movie!

One of my favorite childhood books is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.  And it is going to be a movie! The 20th Century Fox movie is Ferdinand, and it comes out December 15. John Cena is the voice of Ferdinand, and there is a song by Nick Jonas! 1200px-Heart_corazón.svgIt is an animated movie, but I think I can talk my husband into taking me on a date…

This is a story of a bull who was not like the other bulls that he grew up with. All of the other bulls were rough and tough and dreamed of making it to the big time at a bull fight in Madrid. Ferdinand was happy sitting in the shade in his pasture, until one day his life was interrupted when he sat on a bumblebee! Read the story with me in the video below…

Read With Me!

After you read Ferdinand, it is a perfect time to talk about what makes us each different from the crowd, and that being different is ok. Let’s celebrate what makes us unique!

Let’s Do This!

The Best Part of Me

I love this activity that I found on Molly Maloy’s blog

Lessons With Laughter

I think it would look great in a frame… Every person in the family should do one, and maybe even do a new one every year!

Here is a link to the original activity by Genia Connell on the Scholastic website.  The Best Part of Me

What a great way to show off what makes us beautiful! Now that my own kids have grown and flown, I wish I had a stack of these to look back on from the years when they were at home. They would make a great book if I put them all together (wistful mom reminiscing). Oh! Or, ask everyone in your extended family to do a page, and then bind them together for a giant family album.

My dad, Mark Mills, passed away last month. We had his memorial service this past weekend. It was so nice to meet and talk with people he had known throughout his life. Many of his friends came to the memorial service. Many more mentioned him in comments on Facebook, or in text messages, phone calls, and cards. The common theme in all of those messages was of what a caring and genuine man he was. It seems that everyone who knew him loved him, and felt loved by him. That was true for me, too. He was a good dad to me and my brothers. I saw him be a good husband to my mom. I would say that the best part of Mark Mills was his soul. I don’t know how to take a picture of a person’s soul, but here is a picture of his smile…


Mark Malcolm Mills        April 14, 1951 – October 25, 2017

Make This, Too!

And, since Ferdinand loves flowers, it might be super fun to make a flower crown to wear.


Post a picture of you wearing your flowers in the comments!