Why Read?

an introduction to my upcoming blog series

Many of my childhood memories are of my mom reading with me and my brothers. We went often to the library and came home with stacks of books to enjoy for the week. I loved browsing the shelves and running my hands along the plastic covered spines. I loved that smell of an old library book that had already visited so many homes before mine. I loved taking my stack of books back the next week to trade for another. Mom would read those books with us over and over. She would listen to us read them to each other or read them to her as we all squished up on the couch together to get a closer look at the pictures and the words on each page. We read Little Golden Books and Richard Scarry and Dr. Seuss and Curious George and Peter Rabbit and Strawberry Girl and The Boxcar Kids. She was always so excited to see what books we chose from the school library. Mom also read to us from her books. There were no pictures, but we still crowded onto the couch to get closer to hear her words. She read Kon Tiki and she read The Hobbit. Those were times that we were close as a family group, but our minds were encouraged to travel to far away places. I loved those times. Mom would probably sit and read with me today if I asked her to snuggle up on the couch with me and a good book.

Here is one of my favorite books from a long time ago…

This week I will start a series of blogs. The series will focus on what reading looks like in the lives of real people. Each week I will interview someone new to find out how they personally feel about reading, what kinds of things they read for fun, and how reading shows up in their work life. I’ll share their favorite stories with you, and add in some fun activities. I want to talk with librarians, teachers, policemen, firemen, authors, doctors, business owners, ranchers, athletes, and more!

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My first interview in the series will be with a librarian…

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